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Our story…

Great Expectations started years ago before I was born. My parents moved back to Jonesboro from Little Rock in 1983. My mother had worked in a maternity boutique while my father was in pharmacy school at UAMS She saw the need in Northeast Arkansas for women to buy maternity clothes, nursery furniture, and children’s clothes. Her mother, my Mee Mee, wanted to be a part of it. Voila! Great Expectations was born! They started out in a small space in Birchwood Square and outgrew that space and moved into the building that is now the home to Froggy’s Full Sun. I loved Great Expectations and was sad when Mee Mee retired and sold the store.

Years later, when my husband, Marcus Huffer, and I started planning for our wedding, I was blown away by how expensive everything was. I wanted my dream dress ( and a cute short reception dress) but it seemed crazy to spend that much money for a dress to wear for such a short time. I knew there were successful consignment boutiques in large cities but none here. I decided that women in Northeast Arkansas should have the same opportunity as those in larger cities to buy these great dresses and save money. I ran the idea by my mother and she loved it, as did Mee Mee. When I began to think of a name, it was an easy choice. I knew what my name would beā€¦same name with a different concept.

Women who come into my store are expecting great things in their “happily ever after” and my goal is to be the place to help them begin their journey!