You’re Engaged…. Now what?

Choosing a Wedding Date – After you are engaged the next question friends and family are going to ask is “When is the wedding?” Immediately you will start to feel the pressure of picking the date, the perfect location and all the other decisions that will need to be made.

  1. Time and Place

Do you want to be married a specific time of the year? Do you have a certain month that is a little more sentimental? Do you want blooming flowers, lush greenery, fall foliage or snow for an outside wedding? These are all things to think about and what time of the year makes you happy. Also keep in mind what is comfortable for your guests.  Do you want mid-morning, afternoon or evening wedding? The time of day will typically also set the tone for your attire.  If you are having a morning or afternoon wedding, then your guests can be a little more casual than what you would wear at an evening wedding.  Also think about the busy summer months when everyone seems to plan family vacations. You don’t want to have to compete with other family commitments.

  1. Holidays

Are you getting married around the Christmas holiday? If you are planning to get married in a church during the Christmas season, most churches have already decorated their church with Christmas decorations, like poinsettia’s and Christmas trees. You could play off the red, green and white of the floral arrangements and décor. However, this also may pose an obstacle for some family that will have to travel.  Are they going to have the additional time to attend a wedding after all the holiday commitments that everyone faces during Christmas?  You may also be limited to certain vendors and most places may have an additional up-charge like food, venues, DJ and flowers.


Choosing an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding – You will need to decide if you are going to have the ceremony and reception indoors or outdoors. Both or just one…..

  1. Outdoors

Outdoor weddings and receptions can be just as romantic and beautiful and you don’t have to sacrifice style or budget (kind of like when you get ready to purchase your dress from Great Expectations Bridal and Formal Consignment Boutique. You don’t need to sacrifice style or budget to find a gorgeous dress).  Do you want to be sitting in smoldering hot weather in the middle of July if you have an outdoor ceremony? Mother Nature is unpredictable, so have a backup plan if it rains on your wedding day.  Keep in mind the time of year of when it is really windy and if a good/ stiff breeze pops up it may send tents, tables and anything light to go flying. And would probably [more than likely] mess up your wedding veil and your hairstyle that you spent hours to prepare.  If you are looking at a sunset wedding, make sure to face away from the sun and place your guests where they do not have to stare at a setting sunset that is probably blinding them at this point. This would also affect your photos if your photographer is taking directly into the sunlight. You don’t want your wedding photos and lasting memories of all your guests and wedding party squinting.

  1. Indoors

The same holds true for indoor weddings and reception as outdoors that it can just as romantic and beautiful. Do you want a trendy venue or a church? If you are wanting a traditional wedding of getting married in the a church, you need to consider religion and if there are any specific traditions and/or beliefs of both families.  This is something that should be discussed between the bride and groom and out of respect; the immediate family (mother and father) especially if you both attend separate churches or have different religions.  Each religion has their specific traditions for church weddings and you would need to make sure both are prepared for any reason.

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